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First Nations Consultation Protocols

Consultation between Indigenous communities and municipal/regional planners requires care and respect. Forming good relationships is critical to averting conflict, or when conflict does emerge, to meeting that conflict in a good way. Many First Nation communities have their own protocols prepared, in order to guide others as they reach out to the community. Whether you’re a planner at a city, looking to connect to a nearby community, or you’re a staff member at a First Nation administration office, looking to develop your own protocols, below are some examples of consultation protocols and standards to look to for guidance.

**It is important to know that although there are commonalities across many Indigenous consultation protocols, each community is unique, and it must not be assumed that one protocol is appropriate for any community.**


Alderville First Nation Consultation Protocol

This Protocol sets out AFN’s rules, under its laws and its understanding of respectful application of Canadian law, for the process and principles for consultation and accommodation between AFN, the Crown and Proponents, about any Activity that is proposed to occur in AFN’s Traditional Territory and/or Treaty Territory or that might cause an Impact to the Environment or Health therein or AFN Rights.

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