Committees Overview

Committees Purpose

The Shared Path hosts Committee Working Groups with the following direction:

  1. To review and discuss current policy and proposed or needed changes in policy with regard to land use planning and consultation with Indigenous communities. The Land Use & Consultation Policy Working Group will discuss, recommend, and help create resources on land use planning and consultation law, legislation and policy. The working group will also review and offer recommendations to amend existing policies and leilsation, and proposed changes and amendments to ensure that Indigenous voices and rights play a key role in policy development.
  2. To provide strategic direction, advice, and ideas to the Shared Path Board, staff, and members regarding the use and development of our online Resource Library. The working group will discuss, recommend and help curate and create resources on Indigenous peoples in Ontario and land use planning and consultation law, legislation an policy for the use of our members. The working group will also critique, review and offer recommendations for additional topics and resources to ensure that Indigenous and non-Indigenous members have access to the most current and accurate information they need and want.

Memberships Committee


David Stinson


Debbie Steiss, TBD


The Memberships Committee should address the questions “how does SPCI acquire a strong membership base?” and “how will SPCI maintain its membership?”.


  • Establish/increase the membership base;
  • Determine/update target groups for membership;
  • Determine/update types of membership;
  • Determine/update membership needs;
  • Determine how to communicate with members;

Governance Committee



Carolyn King, Clara MacCallum Fraser


To ensure that the Board of Directors fulfills its legal, ethical, functional and fiscal responsibilities through adequate finance policy development for Board approval, participation in the development of financial, budget and investment strategies, ensuring that there is adequate security over the organization’s funds and accounting records, monitoring of finance activities, and liaison with the external auditors.


  • Develop and recommend appropriate policies and procedures to ensure sound financial and investment policies and practices are in place and recommend revisions as required including the Committee Terms of Reference, to assist the Governance Committee of the Board of Directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities.
  • Participate in the review of the annual Financial Budget and the development of a Long Term Financial Plan (i.e. rolling 5 years) and ensure that any Board of Directors approved staffing plan is properly funded
  • Review every six months the financial results of the organization that the Board of Directors has ultimate responsibility for (excluded would be any strategic partnerships that are administered by an outside management group) and obtaining explanations for variances to the Board approved Budget
  • Annual discussion with the external auditors prior to presentation to the Board of Directors regarding the result of their audit and any issues, findings or concerns that they wish to raise relating to the organization’s staff, accounting records, accounting practices and system of internal control
  • Ensure proper orientation, support and continuing education for the organization’s staff involved in the accounting and finance function
  • Produce and keep current, documents needed for recruitment and education of current, new, and potential individual members to serve on the Finance Committee
  • Maintain a horizontal scan/global watch for accounting and finance policy development, best practices, and other opportunities relating to non-profit organizations and other PSOs that could lead to growth and improvement of the accounting and finance activities of Shared Path

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