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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Why should I join?

Joining this diverse network of people gives you opportunities to learn, share, connect and advocate for Indigenous perspectives to inform planning, and to help build and deepen relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

Are students welcome to join?

Yes! We welcome students from planning, environmental studies, law, and many other fields who are interested in joining our community. A discounted membership rate is available to students.

Does the Shared Path Consultation Initiative hold events?

Yes. We host round-tables, workshops, working groups, and webinars covering topics such as consultation and engagement, Indigenous perspectives on planning, treaties as guidelines for planning, and others. We also organize networking events that enable our members to build new relationships.

Is the Shared Path Consultation Initiative a national organization?

The Shared Path Consultation Initiative currently focuses on southern Ontario. As our resources grow, we would like to expand to northern Ontario and eventually throughout the country.

What if I am outside of southern Ontario?

You are still welcome to join our network if you live outside of southern Ontario. We hope to learn and share wise practices with people across the country who are working towards truth and reconciliation.

What services does the Shared Path Consultation Initiative provide to municipalities and Indigenous communities?

With funding from The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, the Shared Path Consultation Initiative coordinates the Indigenous-Municipal Engagement Program (IMEP). We provide space, resources, and coordination to help representatives from Indigenous communities and municipalities/regions build long-term working relationships.

What is the Indigenous-Municipal Engagement Program?

This program supports the formation/formalization of Indigenous-Municipal partnerships in southern Ontario. This program is designed to improve communications between Indigenous communities and municipalities around land use planning and Treaty rights, and provide opportunities to share Indigenous knowledge and ideas about environmental protection, cultural preservation and issues of mutual interest.

Does the Shared Path Consultation Initiative develop resources for Indigenous communities, municipalities, and other interested parties?

Yes, we are in the process of developing a number of resources to help our members build relationships and navigate the consultation landscape. These will be available online through our resource database.

What is the online resource database?

This is a database designed to provide support for individuals looking to begin or deepen their knowledge about reconciliation, consultation, treaties and traditional territories, and emerging issues connected to how we share the land. Initially our focus we be on land use planning, but it will broaden in scope. We are currently populating the database with resources.

How is the Shared Path Consultation Initiative funded?

We are a registered charity receiving funding from foundations and private donors. Our Indigenous-Municipal Engagement Program (IMEP) is funded by a grant from The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation. Check our Donate page for more info.

Does the Shared Path Consultation Initiative provide any training or certification?

We do not provide training or certification at this time. We do, however, collaborate on workshops to address specific needs.


My organization is interested in collaborating with Shared Path on a workshop for our employees. Who should I contact?

Contact Morgan Peters by email at: or by phone at 416-642-3019.

Membership Questions

How much does membership cost?

An associate membership costs $35 and a student membership costs $15 per year. Rates for institutions vary, please see below.

How do I renew my membership?

Memberships renew every January and email notifications and reminders will be sent in December. Simply follow the instructions to renew online or by mail.

Does the Shared Path Consultation Initiative have Institutional or business memberships?

Yes, currently Shared Path has three types of memberships for organizations: educational institutions can purchase an annual membership for $300 CAD; corporations/private businesses and government departments can purchase an annual membership for $500 CAD; and not-for-profit or Indigenous organizations/communities can purchase an annual membership for $150 CAD. These memberships allow access for 3 employees to the members’ portion of website, the online resources library, newsletter, working groups, and other benefits. Additionally, all employees of the member organization are eligible for discounted events fees. A Member Organization in good standing will be eligible to vote (one vote) in Board elections after two (2) consecutive years of membership.

How do I access my membership benefits?

To access your membership benefits, you need to log in. Log in via the top or sidebar menus.

Who do I contact if I am having difficulty accessing my membership benefits or would like more information?

Contact Morgan Peters by email at: or by phone at 416-642-3019.

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