The Shared Path Consultation Initiative (Shared Path) is a charitable organization that is addressing the challenges and opportunities that emerge where land use change and Aboriginal[1] and Treaty Rights intersect. Planning, as a political and sometimes contentious process, has the potential to impact Indigenous political and territorial claims. We seek to provide opportunities and resources that enhance, inform, and facilitate Indigenous-non-Indigenous bridge building, particularly within the realm of land planning practice.

In response to the TRC Calls to Action 47, 57, and 92, Shared Path provides resources for First Nation, Métis, municipal, and provincial government, as well as professionals in land use change to better engage in consultation and relationship-building. Shared Path connects and supports a network of people urging legislative reform to provide clarity in these processes. Shared Path develops opportunities and resources to advance a broader public understanding of the historical, political, cultural, and environmental factors that inform planning. Shared Path creates opportunities for education and information sharing through workshops, seminars, and projects designed to facilitate relationship-building.

[1] A note on terminology: “Indigenous” is currently the generally acceptable term for the descendants of the original peoples of Canada/Turtle Island/North America (First Nations, Inuit, and Métis). In Canada, “Aboriginal” is a legal word that refers to the same groups of people and is sometimes used interchangeably. “Indian” is a word that is no longer commonly used and may be viewed as offensive, but still exists in some older literature. Unless referring to a specific legal document (i.e. Constitution Act, 1982 s. 35 Aboriginal and treaty rights), Shared Path will use the term “Indigenous”. It must be noted that “umbrella” terms such as these have always been used for the convenience of the wider society.  Specific groups often wish to be referred to by the names they call themselves.

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Planning Together for the Benefit of All About Shared Path Consultation Initiative Mission We believe that planning can be a tool for supporting the creation of healthy and vibrant communities.…

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