How Do I Get Started?

This page is intended to help guide the lost souls. You’ve made it to our website and perhaps you’re wondering where to get started. Hopefully this will help you!

I’m a Planner and I’m not sure how to start building connections with Indigenous peoples near me:

Click here [LINK] to learn about Indigenous traditional territories and communities in Ontario

Click here [LINK] to learn about Indigenous consultation protocols

Click here [LINK] to learn about colonialism and land use planning

I work for an Indigenous community and I am trying to navigate the Ontario planning system:

Click here [LINK] to learn about the basics of land use planning

Click here [LINK] to learn about how other communities are building relationships with municipalities

Click here [LINK] to learn how Indigenous communities are asserting their rights using consultation protocols and other governance tools

I want to learn more about how land use planning intersects with Aboriginal and treaty rights:

Click here [LINK] to learn about research on land use planning, colonialism, and Indigenous peoples

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